Urmila Suwal-

Founder and President
Urmila has been the President of our organization for 13 years and also works as a teacher in Bhaktapur.

Kiran Munankarmi

Vice President

Founding Member

Kiran is also a teacher in Bhaktapur.

Ram Sijakhwo

Secretary and Founding Member
Ram is also a teacher in Bhaktapur.


Manju Suwal

Founding Member and Vice Secretary


Saroj Suwal

Treasurer and Founding Member


Nishan Bala

Special Events Coordinator

Nishan is a marketer

Sarmila Suwal

Founding member and training co-ordinator

Nikki Munankarmi

Member and a teacher with Montessori training. 




The Rotary Club of Bhakatpur

The Rotary Club of Bhaktapur is a member of the International Rotary Club. We partnered with the Rotary and the Red Cross on a blood drive. In addition, we regular attend the meetings.


Siddhi Memorial Foundation
Siddhi Memorial Foundation is one of the leading foundations in Bhaktapur. It has a hospital, old age home and child care center. We have assisted them in their health camps. In addition, Shaym Sundar Dhaubadel, the Founder and President of Siddhi Memorial Foundation, has been a friend and supporter of Shree Prarthana Mahila Samaj since our founding.

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