49 women attend our  literacy classes on a regular basis.  The women range in age from 16 to 56.


When the women begin classes, they do not even know how to hold a pencil. We teach them all the rudimentary skills to be educated in what we call class ½. In classes 1-4 we teach them how to read and write in Nepali as well as math and some basic English.


Once the students complete their initial literacy we try to introduce other topics including health education and basic life skills training.


9 of our students have completed the SLC exam which is similar to a GED program in other countries.

Past Vocational Training


In the past we have done a range of training programs including:

  • Candle Making
  • Tanka Painting
  • Basic Computing
  • Slipper Making
Vocational Training


Tailoring Class
Sewing is one of the few jobs that women who lack a basic education. We have a month long basic and a month long advanced course that the women can take.

Our hope is to expand the current program and begin job placement for the women upon their completion of the advanced course.


It is difficult for the poor to buy life’s necessities like clothes. In 2005 we had a training program for 16 students which taught them to knit gloves, caps, socks and mufflers. Currently they are knitting these items to meet the needs of their families. In the future, we hope to expand this project and market the items to the public.


Other Training


Other Training


  • Legal Awareness 

  • Environmental awareness

  • Plastic recycling

  • Composting household waste


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